EURAC meets COGEME SPA and Province of Brescia

The workgroup of H2020 FLEXYNETS project and the Head of EURAC-Institute for Renewable Energy meet the management of COGEME Group.

The meeting included a guided-tour to the COGEME plants and to a low-temperature district heating network connected to a geothermal system.

Present at the meeting also representatives of the Province of Brescia, sign of an important local interest for research activities and know-how in district heating network and energy saving projects.

COGEME developed a system that has three interesting points for the development of the concept of FLEXYNETS: the management of a district heating network, the use of a carrier fluid at very low temperature and the use of heat pumps to cover the loads.

The meeting had the purpose of build a link with a company active in this sector. Furthermore, the project is evaluating the possibility to include COGEME into the Industrial Platform of the Innovation Management Committee of the project.

FLEXYNETS is a H2020 project launched last July 2015 and led by EURAC. It deals with district heating of the future, use of energy gained from waste heat, which will be distributed at low temperature in district heating and cooling networks.

District Heating Network (Picture courtesy of COGEME)